Jesus “If you Love me….” You Want me to Do What?

In thinking on the word LOVE, which is misused in our society today, I was saying to myself okay I want to Love and want to be loved.  Ultimately God shows us perfect Love, Divine Love, which transcends all human love.  Okay God loves me and He gave me His only begotten Son, Jesus, to die for my sins out Love for me.  So now I want to return that Love and how do I do that, does the Bible tell me?  Does Jesus tell me?

Here is the hard part, for me in the past and many of us, we just want to say, “I LOVE JESUS,” or shout it, but it takes more than that.

Even in our human experience of love we know that it takes more than just saying the words, but at this time in our world it has become an overused word.  We treat love of someone like we treat how we love pizza.  I only love pizza until I had a few pieces, or a whole one, and when I am full I don’t really love pizza any longer.  I got what I wanted from the pizza and it filled my desire for the moment, and that is how we treat people in our life at the moment, I got what I wanted from you to fulfill my passions and when I need my passions satisfied I will love you again.

So we move on to the love of God, Jesus, Holy Spirit, and it has become like loving pizza.  When I need something from Him or when I am in a good place in life is when I say I love Him.  Jesus loves us regardless of when,how or what we are but because of who we are, made in the image and likeness of God.  He keeps calling us and drawing us to Him.  I have to ask myself is my response to the Love appropriate?  is it enough?

Do we have to wander how God wants us to Love him?  No we don’t, in fact He tells us how.

John 14:15 If you love me, you will keep my commandments

Many of us after seeing that verse will say, “You want me to do what?”

We might not like it and might fight with it and make excuses but the bottom line, He knows best.  We need to work on it on a daily basis and in time we will start to Love God as he wants us to Love him and then that will follow to loving our neighbor in the right way as well, and maybe look at loving them differently from the way we love pizza.