A Spring of Water Welling up to Eternal Life

A reflection on John 4:5-45 by Eli Maroun Arnaout

This last week I was thinking about this passage and also was reading it with our (My Wife and I) Catechism class, which I then proceeded to give some insight on this passage.   In the process of doing that the Holy Spirit inspired me with a few thoughts, and now I am going to try to articulate these thoughts on to paper.  It was six days later (March 28, 2011) while I was laying in bed thinking about Jesus and was just about ready to fall asleep that this passage came back to my mind.  I could not stop thinking about it, and all the thoughts started flooding in and the Holy Spirit urged me to get out of bed and start typing, and it is about 11:30pm.

I will list the part of the Gospel and then put my reflection down after it, some (or most) of the reflection may not be entirely mine, I have been reading a lot of scripture and about scripture for the last 7 years, and the Gospels have been around for almost two thousand years, and there have been greater men and women then I, who have commented on this passage of scripture, but alas I must write this down or I will not be able to go back to bed, in the hopes of finally falling asleep.

“Jesus came to a town of Samaria called Sychar, near the plot of land that Jacob had given to his son Joseph.”   In our Journey back to God we always have the assumption that we are growing or moving close to Him, but in fact He comes to us.  As we look at the Gospels as a whole we see that over and over again, and not only does He just come a little way to meet with us, but comes from heaven to dwell among us.  So in coming to us, He comes to a place that we are familiar with, not a strange or out of place setting, but a place that we might be secure in, a place we can touch and feel, as was the stable in Bethlehem.