Why does Santa HATE poor people?

I blame my sister Rita for bringing about this question. Okay blame is a little harsh but she started the thought from a conversation we had a month ago. She was telling me about someone that we know that was informing their children that they will get good(expensive) presents from Santa if they are good. My sister has young children, so she was telling me the way she will handle it.  She will tell her children that what Santa gets them will not be big but something that they would enjoy because Santa has to get gifts for children all over the world. So some of the other gifts would be from parents, grad parents and so on, which could possibly be bigger, more expansive.

I thought that she had the right idea in teaching her kids that Santa is not a wishing well and you will not get whatever you want, but things needed.

Now here is where the question comes from, I was watching commercials, not by choice, in which the Dad is telling his young child that Santa gave them this expensive car for Christmas! How did Santa put that in his bag? Well of course Santa has a teleportation device. We have all seen those commercials showing Santa giving everyone these big, expensive, gifts. We all know that the ones that can give those lavish gifts are the ones that are not poor. So Santa forgets about the poor, they do not get cars, jewelry, electronics, a house, clothes, food…..

This time of year I need to be reminded that I need to be the Santa for the poor, and not my own Santa. I need to try and give to fulfill the basic needs of people that have much less than I and who struggle day in and day out.

This Season is I, we, need to ask the question of SO WHAT! God became flesh and all that entails, SO WHAT? What are am I doing with that knowledge, what difference is that making in my life. How am I making it count. I need to witness to the world that it is not about me, myself and I (the egotistical trinity) but about being the Santa for the ones that need a Santa, the Poor in body, spirit and mind. Sharing with them in love, action and word the true Trinity and that this Christmas and all the ones to follow mean more and should lead us deeper into love.

This year of Mercy give, receive and share the Mercy of God.

A couple of places I like to support in this season (and other seasons)

  1. Adopt a Family Program in the Detroit Area

Example: Family of 5 is moving to a new home after renting an un-insulated mobile home with very high heating bills. 1 child has epilepsy. Father is able to work only seasonal jobs.

2. CRS – Put your faith in action

3. A simple solution to world hunger

 So go out and be Santa to the ones that need it.  God Bless you all this Sacred and Joyous season.